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The creation is noble, and art it's faithful exponent...

Brush Strokes

About me

I've always been drawn to paintings seen in houses or restaurants, through maybe some kind of stimulus or attraction, that led to the physical and metaphysical coming up to me through art. In its simplest and most practical form, the drawing and building with toys, it was such a nice hobby as only children can appreciate.  It's only later on, as we grow up and gain some consciousness of what we want to become, that curiosity for paint or sculpture took a turn towards a deeper dedication and study.


Because of that, during his formation, experience and work the artist seeks meaning in his work , as well as an activity that might lead him, through expression, to an answer to human existence itself, using art to represent and express his space and time, to understand himself, and to convey an emotion, being this in the end the very core of human existence.


In this historical development, painting is one of the highest artist expressions of the human being, as well as one of the most ancient; it was used to convey and idea, emotion or vision since the beginning of human history. From the caves, to the age of social networks, image, color, light and line has been tools for the development and evolution of man, and for this reason " Art deserves to be the highest education in the development of the human being".


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mural el toque restaurant la semoran
mural el toque
mural take a sushi
Pared mural wonderarepa

Upcoming Events

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Nutricorner. Juice Bar.  Sanford, FL

Todos los 3er. Sabados de cada mes.


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Take a Sushi Restaurant. Orlando, FL.

Todos los 4tos. Sabados de cada mes.


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